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Goodwill Of Colorado Lead IV, Janitor in Air Force Academy, Colorado

DescriptionOBJECTIVEAssists in assigning all employees of their daily duties, providing guidanceand assisting in the upkeep of assigned areas. Provide training to others touse various janitorial equipment and supplies and may perform specificassigned janitorial duties while ensuring contract standards are met.REQUIREMENTSHigh School Diploma or G.E.D. A valid Colorado driver's license is requiredwith the ability to travel when required. Must be 18 years or older.OTHER REQUIREMENTS/PREFERENCESAssociate's Degree preferred. Leadership experience preferred.The Lead IV Janitor must conduct self in a professional manner conducive to aproduct work environment; demonstrate good judgment, responsibility andinitiative. The incumbent should possess effective interpersonal skillsincluding the ability to work cooperatively and to organize work. Theincumbent must maintain a professional appearance appropriate for the worksetting and must be able to work with people with disabilities anddisadvantaging conditions. The incumbent must be able to work some weekends and holidays, workflexible shifts and pass a thorough background check. See backgroundrequirements below.KEY RESPONSIBILITY AREAS {Essential Functions}JanitorialThe Lead IV will assist in providing guidance to subordinate work leaders,employees and trainees who work within the department to accomplish contractrequirements. The incumbent must be familiar with the Statement of Work(SOW) tasks and ensure all requirements. The Lead IV will remain with workleaders and employee until all tasks are completed, regardless of theassigned shift.Overall Janitorial Support and Quality FocusThe Lead IV will perform all necessary janitorial duties assigned during theshift in accordance with the Statement of Work, quality procedures areadhered to, conduct a physical inventory of janitorial supplies on a weeklybasis and submit it to the project manager. The incumbent will also be able toeffectively work with QAE Inspectors, Building Managers, and customers inall buildings.Relationship ManagementThe Lead IV will maintain open communication at all times with supervisors,work leaders and customers. The Lead IV will also have the ability toeffectively communicate with employees.Staff LeadershipThe Lead IV will train assigned personnel on the use of the various equipmentand supplies, ensuring the most trained personnel are appropriatelydesignated to the duties required.Background Check Requirements**Per the Federal regulation - 5352.242-9000: CONTRACTOR ACCESS TO AIR FORCEINSTALLATIONS (NOV 2012):The contractor shall obtain base identification and vehicle passes, ifrequired, for all contractor personnel who make frequent visits to orperform work on the Air Force installation(s) cited in the contract.Contractor personnel are required to wear or prominently display installationidentification badges or contractor-furnished, contractor identificationbadges while visiting or performing work on the installation.The contractor shall submit a written request on company letterhead to thecontracting officer listing the following: contract number, location ofwork site, start and stop dates, and names of employees and subcontractoremployees needing access to the base. The letter will also specify theindividual(s) authorized to sign for a request for base identificationcredentials or vehicle passes. The contracting officer will endorse therequest and forward it to the issuing base pass and registration office orSecurity Forces for processing. When reporting to the registration office,the authorized contractor individual(s) should provide a valid driver'slicense, current vehicle registration, valid vehicle insurancecertificate, and refer to USAFA A-01 Contractor Access to USAFA Instruction toDuring performance of the contract, the contractor shall be responsible forobtaining required identification for newly assigned personnel and for promptreturn of credentials and vehicle passes for any employee who no longerrequires