Buckley AFB Non-Appropriated Fund Food Service Worker (Cashier) in Aurora, Colorado

This position is located on BUCKLEY AFB in Aurora, CO.Duties and Responsibilities:Sets up cafeteria lines, steam tables, dining room tables, and sideservice stands with hot and cold food items including meats, vegetables,salads, desserts, bread, butter and beverages. Serves food cafeteriastyle. Breaks down and cleans area when meals are complete. Sets up dinningroom tables for service, places food and beverages on tables, andreplenishes items as necessary. Sets up and operates dishwashers, performspreventive maintenance and cleaning. Scrapes, soaks, scours and scrubsbowls, pots and pans. Also performs heavy duty cleaning tasks such asceilings, exhaust hoods, under and behind kitchen equipment, washesfloors and walls, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, sanitizes garbagecans. May unload food from delivery trucks. Collects and transfers trashfrom work area to disposal area. Assembles and tosses fresh fruit or greensalads in quantity using prepared dressings, serves into standard servingsizes. Makes cold sandwiches using prepared ingredients. Makes coffee, teaand other beverages. Sets up work area for operation and may obtain cashbank. Operates cash register, rings up the sale, receives money and makeschange, processes credit card sales or charges to customer's account. Atthe end of each tour of duty may clear the cash register and may be requiredto prepare documentation for cash funds accountability. Performs other relatedQUALIFICATIONSMust be able to follow simple oral instructions, be able to use hand toolsfor cleaning, and operate simple machines. Must be skilled in doing taskswith several steps and must use judgement in sequencing tasks. Must haveknowledge of sanitation standards in handling and serving food, and forcleaning equipment and work area. Must be physically able to frequently liftor move objects weighing up to 40 pounds. Must be able to continuously standand walk, and frequently stoop, reach, push, pull and bend for longperiods of time. Must be able to obtain a Food Handler's Certificateand/or complete food handler's training. Must be able to read, speak,and write English fluently. Must be able to follow cash handling procedures.Position is a Position of Trust. Must successfully complete a National AgencyCheck.