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Guest Services, Inc. Housekeeper/Inspector in Breckenridge, Colorado

JOB SUMMARYThe Housekeeper performs skilled and routine maintenance and tasks necessaryto maintain the cleanliness and sanitation of the unit.ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS* Clean assigned areas as directed by management and in compliance with theCompany's "green" initiatives.* Inspect all arrival rooms for accuracy in cleanliness and amenities.* Change linens and make beds.* Dust and clean all furniture, picture frames, mirrors, windows,baseboards, carpet edges, inside and outside door panels, door ledges,and thresholds.* Pull trash from trash receptacles. Replace trash bags as needed. Clear trashfrom tables and floors/grounds.* Clean and vacuum under beds, desk, gaming tables, and behind night stands.* Check and replace all missing items in rooms, including soaps,shampoos, conditioners, hangers, clocks, ice bucket liners, hairdryers, brochures, and stationery, etc.* Clean and ensure bathtubs, tub ledges, sinks, vanity shelves,toilets, bathroom scales, tissue box covers, and soap dishes are spot,mold, mildew, and dust free.* Sweep and mop all bathroom floors.* Dust all lights and sconces, make-up mirrors, and lampshades.* Perform laundry duties as assigned.* Notify Supervisor of all quality control issues or needed repairs pertainingto the housekeeping of the facility.* Maintain awareness of safety issues, and report them immediately to yourmanager.SKILL AND KNOWLEDGE REQUIREMENTS INCLUDE* Partial High School education; High School Diploma/G.E.D. equivalentpreferred.* Strong sanitation habits and an ability to learn and follow important safetyprecautions.* Strong customer service abilities; actively looks for ways to assistcustomers and coworkers.* Ability to recognize when a problem has occurred and communicate it tomanagement.PHYSICAL AND MENTAL REQUIREMENTS* Moving about on foot to accomplish tasks, particularly frequent movementsfrom place to place within the unit. Bend, lift, carry, reach/extendarms and hands above shoulder height frequently, or otherwise move in aconstantly changing environment.* Lifting, carrying, and pushing up to 35 lbs. regularly, 45 lbs.frequently, and up to 50 lbs. occasionally.* Ability to stand for the entire work day and to climb steps regularly.* Withstanding temperature extremes in indoor and outdoor environments.* Works in wet and slippery conditions. Frequently works in a hot and dampenvironment.* Frequently immerses hands in water.* Reading and writing work-related documents in English.* Speech recognition and clarity, including the ability to understand thespeech of customers and co-workers and the ability to speak clearly so thatyou can be understood by customers and co-workers in English.* Constantly communicates and receives verbal communication with otheremployees in a fast-paced environment.* Physical presence at the job site is essential to perform job duties.EQUIPMENT USED* Rolling cart.* Industrial Washer and Dryer.* Cleaning Supplies (including detergents, chemicals, vacuums, mops,brooms, scourers, hand towels, etc.).