G.F. Gaming Corporation Bartender in Central City, Colorado

You must maintain a clean personal and uniform appearance. You must alwaysadhere to Colorado Department of Health regulations. You must physically beable to spend the majority of your shift standing, walking, and carryingup to 50 pounds. You must be able to follow verbal and writteninstructions, write, and use a calculator and cash register. You must beable to multi-task, walking the floors, taking drink orders, picking upglasses, stocking the bar, keeping up the access of food for the guests atall times. This means you will be making pizza, heating soup and cookinghot dogs at all times so they are ready at any time the guest needs them.Customer service is a high priority, but be responsible when serving drinks toA Colorado Gaming License is preferred NOT REQUIRED for some shifts.Your primary responsibilities are to:1. Serve beverages to customers in a sanitary, pleasant and efficientmanner according to the G.F. Gaming drink policy outlined in the EmployeeManua2. Maintain a clean, stocked work area.3. Ring all sales into cash register and maintain proper cash controlprocedures to account for all sales.4. Maintain shift inventories of all beer and liquor in bar using properinventory methods and materials provided.Physical Requirements for up to a 10hr. shift:1. Climb stairs2. Stock Beer, Soda, Juice, Ice bin3. Bend, Stoop, Stand, Walk, Clean, Kneel4. Carry Trays5. Lift up to 40 lbs.Cash handling requirements:1. Check out bank bag from cashier cage. Verify beginning bank at cage,under camera. Get a second signature as verification of beginning bank. Makechange as needed to operate for the shift.2. "Z" the register and be sure that it was cleared at the end of theprevious shift. Check the journal and receipt tapes and be sure that you havea backup. Always have the receipt tape turned on and functioning.3. In the event of an error or over-ring, mark the receipt tape and placeit with the corrected tape in the drawer. Note the error and initial it foraccounting.4. Register sheets must be properly dated and signed.5. At the end of your shift, "Z" the register. Complete the end of theshift paperwork. Return $100.00 bar bank to cage. Deposit sales in cage.Have manager on duty sign comp sheet. Place the "Z" tape, all comptickets, coupons, and other paperwork in the accounting box.Day Shift Responsibilities:1. Sanitize work area.2. Wipe all work surfaces with clean towel. Start the day with a clean bar.3. Clean the ice bin at least once a week with hot water. Do not usecleaning products.4. Fill ice bin.5. Set up bar top with clean ashtrays.6. Stock straws, napkins, and other paper goods.7. Put juices in bins and check for rotation and freshness.8. Make coffee.9. Stock coffee, decaf, filters, clean towels, etc.10. Stock liquor.11. Cut and stock: lemons, limes, olives, and cherries.12. Because food is served at this bar special care must be taken soDepartment of Health standards are maintained.13. Maintain dishwashing sinks with proper temperatures and cleaning andsanitizing agents at all times.14. Be sure that the hand sink is properly stocked with hand soap and papertowels.15. Replace dirty towels with clean towels. All dirty linen must be takento kitchen linen bag.16. New stock delivered must be properly put away in storage area not juststacked on floor.17. Be sure that you leave the bar clean for the next shift including thewater in the sinks, wipe down work areas, and clean glassware andpreparation surfaces.Swing shift responsibilities:1. Cover and put away fruit and juices.2. Stock beer and wine3. Clean all ashtrays and glassware.4. Wipe down all bar surfaces.5. Pull out mats and sweep the floor6. Clean all sinks thoroughly!! Use cleanser.7. Wipe down back bar cooler doors.8. Dismantle and clean the inside and outside of the hot dog machine.9. The bottles in the speed rack should be wiped down.10. Entire bar should be clean including speed rack, guns, hoses, etc.All bartenders:The cleanliness of the bar is everyone