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The Broadmoor MASSAGE THERAPIST, THE BROADMOOR HOTEL, INC. in Colorado Springs, Colorado

JO in connection w/the filing of H2B Application. Job in ColoradoSprings, CO. 3 opnngs. Temp, F/T, from 4/1/21-12/31/21. 9hr/day shift w/min 5 rotating days incldng weekends. Min 5 hrs OT/week. Shifts8am-5pm until 11am-8pm. Perform massage and/or body treatments per hotel'sestablished protocols; etc. Other rltd duties. Must be eligible for CO StateMT license. No min eductn or exp. Pre-employment criminal b/groundcheck'll be carried out equally btwn US and H-2B workers. Pay:$9.50/hr + srvc charge + tips. Employer guarantees wage rate will notbe lower than prev wage of $18.97/hr. OT if needed, $28.46/hr. Asingle workweek'll be used to compute wages. Wages paid bi-weekly by check.All deductions from worker's paycheck reqrd by law'll be made.Employer'll provide workers at no charge all tools, supplies, equip toperform job. Employer guarantees to offer work for hrs equal to at least three4ths of workdays in each 12-week employment period. Employer'll will payupfront for visa, visa processing, border crossing and other reltd fees,incldng those mandated by govrnmnt (excldng passport fees). Air transportto place of employment'll be provdd by employer at no cost to worker (airtravel paid upfront). Ground expnss, subsistence costs'll be reimbursedto worker during 1st work week. Daily subsistence'll be provdd at$12.68/day during travel to max $55.00/day w/receipts. If workerdoes not complete at least 1/2 of employment period, worker is expected torefund employer. Return transport'll be provided if worker completesemployment period or is dismissed early by employer. Shared, subsidizedhousing provided (optional). If elected, housing cost at approx$160/paycheck'll be deducted from payroll biweekly as permitted.Employer contact: Sean Zimkas,, 719-471-6171.Apply: Pikes Peak Workforce Cntr, 1675 Garden of the Gods Rd, ColoradoSprings, CO 80907, T. (719) 667-3700, or online at Ref JO# abv