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LinQuest USSPACECOM Exercise Planner in Colorado Springs, Colorado

DescriptionLinQuest is seeking an Exercise Planner/Wargaming/Modeling and Simulationssubject matter expert to join our team at Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs.This position requires a TS/SCI clearance on day 1.The highly-skilled and motivated SME will join a high-performance team toestablish and support the Joint Exercise and Wargaming Division in the USSpace Command (USSPACECOM) Force Development Directorate. Primaryresponsibility will be to establish the Joint Exercise Life Cycle for HQUSSPACECOM Tier 1 and Tier 2 exercises, including planning, development,execution, and analysis of joint exercises and wargames, Table TopExercises (TTXs), Rehearsal of Concept (ROC) drills, and seminars.The Joint Exercise and Wargaming Division also includes a Modeling andSimulation Branch. The work environment is collaborative and dynamic betweenteam members, government civilians and joint warfighters.If you desire to be part of an historic event to build out USSPACECOM from theground, up, this position is for you!Responsibilities:Provide on-site support and assistance to plan, develop, execute, andanalyze joint exercises and wargames, establish the Joint Exercise LifeCycle for USSPACECOM Tier 1 exercises, Joint Task Force Space Defense(JTF-SD) Tier 2 exercises, and Combined Forces Space Component Command(CFSCC) Tier 2 exercises, and support all reciprocal events at other CombatantFor each joint exercise or wargame event, assist with the planning,coordination, and support for conferences such as the Concept DevelopmentConference (CDC); Initial Planning Conference (IPC); Mid-PlanningConference (MPC); Final Planning Conference (FPC); and MasterScenario Event List (MSEL) Synchronization Conference (SYNCH). Thismay require work outside normal hours and locale.For each joint exercise or wargame event, chair planning work groups asdetermined by the joint exercise or wargame lead planner and Division Chief.Work group chair responsibilities include developing training objectives anddesign joint exercise or wargame event scenarios to satisfy accomplishment oftraining objectives.Develop Master Scenario Events and implementers in the accomplishment oftraining objectives. Joint exercise and wargame event implementers may includesimulated message traffic, Command and CJCS messages, phone calls,e-mails, media queries, media reports (video and written),letters, radio traffic, conference role-player scripts, orders, GCCdaily Air Tasking Orders, requests for forces, force allocation andpositioning, Interagency reports, notifications, meeting minutes,speeches, press releases, social media injects and other inputs designedto simulate a realistic geopolitical background or elicit a response from thejoint exercise or wargame event training audience in order to achieve trainingAssist in the development of the Joint Exercise Control Group (JECG)architecture, manning, exercise concept of operations, equipmentrequirements and operation, and JECG personnel training requirements foreach exercise or assigned wargame event.Modeling and Simulation (MandS) Support. Provide MandS integration andexecution support, including supporting analysis, review, and assessmentof key performance parameters and coordinating with appropriate systemarchitects/engineers to resolve any issues or troubleshoot MandS tools beingused and provide resolution to obtain the needed capability.Use government provided tools and models, develop, test, and executefully integrated and dynamic MandS to stimulate all display systems usedduring exercises, training, and wargamesDuties and responsibilities are broad in nature and candidates will flex tothe needs of the J7 staff.Required Skills:Ability to use Microsoft products (Word, Powerpoint, and Excel)Ability to use COTS software productsExcellent communicatorAbility to be an effective team memberAbility to present briefings, discuss and coordinate problems and recommendsolutionsRequires real-time problem solving skills and ability to follow procedures