DynCorp International LLC Chief Maintenance Test Pilot - Fort Carson, CO - Contingent in Fort Carson, Colorado

Job Title: Chief Maintenance Test Pilot - Fort Carson, CO - Contingentupon award*This position is contingent upon contract award.*Position DescriptionThe Chief Maintenance Test Pilot will interface with the program and customeras a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on aircraft operations. Provides trainingto personnel, examines aircraft and audits items such as flight plans andother documents.Principal Accountabilities* Responsible for the supervision and management of pilots assigned to theprogram.* Responsible for performing test flights and demonstrating aircraftproficiency upon completion of aircraft maintenance or modifications onaircraft.* Determine, in accordance with publications and procedures, theairworthiness of aircraft prior to release for flight.* Perform troubleshooting procedures of aircraft on the ground and duringflight, and makes appropriate write-ups or gives verbal instructions tocorrect deficiencies.* Coordinate scheduling and logistics of various aircraft that are needed bythe customer to complete the mission.* Perform recovery flights and ferry aircraft to additional sites, such asdepots.* Verify accuracy of forms and records used in the performance of maintenanceto ensure they comply with work performed prior to ground or flight checks.* Run-up aircraft for alert status, perform tests on modifications, andfunction as a member of the Maintenance Recovery Teams when an operationalcheck or test flight is required.* Fly with military aircrews and provide instruction and currency training asrequired.* Interpret meteorological data as it pertains to filing a flight plan for thenavigational course of flight needed for a sortie and file a flight plan forall flights using authorized processes.* Compute and complete weight and balance logs for the aircraft.* Operate navigational and communication equipment installed on the aircraft.* Perform other qualified duties as required.Qualifications and Skills Requirements* Able to meet the training and qualification requirements of AFI 10-220 andDCMA 8210.0.* Able to pass flight proficiency examinations by an authorized examinationagency.* Able to attain, or currently possess, a current FAA Medical CertificateSecond Class.* Demonstrated communication skills, both oral and written.* Fluent in the English language.* Able to develop procedures and work instructions.* Able to perform scheduling and the logistics of aircraft movement.* Proficiency in developing flight plans and critiquing flight plans.* Experience in Quality Assurance of Flight Maintenance.* Ability to obtain and maintain a security clearance if required by theprogram.* Proficiency in various computer programs desirable (ex: Excel, Word,PowerPoint, Visio etc.).* Prefer previous attendance at the Aviation Safety Officer Course (ASOC).* Must have a Final Secret ClearanceExperience and Education* High school diploma or equivalent required.* Bachelor degree in related area preferred.* Five (5) or more years working as a trainer with commercial aircraftservices or the military.* Proven successful experience working in complex and matrixed environmentspreferred.* Valid FAA commercial pilot certificate for assigned aircraft type(rotorcraft/fixed wing) and instrument ratings.* Satisfactorily completed a proficiency check within the previous twelve(12) months.* 1,500 or more hours first pilot with 500 hours experience in assignedaircraft type of which at least 300 hours must have been in aircraft assigned.Physical Requirements/Working Environment* Works in a normal office environment with controlled temperature andlighting conditions.* May be exposed to loud aircraft, and the usual exhaust of aircraft.* Environment can be hot at times on the flight line and in the flight hangerswith considerable walking between buildings.* Must be able to work varied weekly schedules driven by maintenance testflights and other operational requirements.