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Colorado Department Of Human Services Dining Services III - Cook - Lookout Mountain Youth Services in Golden, Colorado

This position is open only to Colorado state residents.Additional important information about this position is available on the Stateof Colorado Job Board posting.Description of JobThe position performs fully operational food production work in the Divisionof Youth Services Food Services Department located at Lookout Mountain YouthServices Center. Specific duties include:Meal Preparation and Service: Properly prepares food that is attractive,appetizing, and of proper temperatures. Follows DYS menus and recipes inorder to comply with National School Lunch Program, School Breakfast Programand DYS policies and procedures. Enters data onto production worksheets. Whenrecipes or menu changes are required, documents changes and submits tofacility food managerial or supervisory staff. Sets up and tears down servingline as needed. Garnishes food on the serving line. Serves food in theproper quantities according to the DYS recipes.Safety and Security: Anticipates and identifies potential safety andsecurity problems and reports problems to the facility food managerial orsupervisory staff. Recognizes safety hazards. Uses food service equipmentproperly. Follows good safety practices to reduce or prevent slips,trips, falls, burns, etc. Inventories knives and/or culinary utensilsaccording to facility procedures to prevent loss. Follows facility keyprocedures and ensures that doors are kept locked to prevent escapes. Usesand stores chemicals properly. Follows DYS policies and facility proceduresrelated to safety and security.Sanitation: Follows proper sanitation procedures for the handling of foodand the cleaning of the food service area. Cleans food services equipment andthe physical plant of the kitchen on a regular basis, or as assigned, tokeep them free of food particles, dust, and bacteria. Controls times andtemperatures of food to prevent food borne illness. Complies with theColorado Retail Food Establishment Rules and Regulations.Inventory Control: Inspects food and food service supplies for accuratequantity and condition upon arrival to the facility. Rejects food andsupplies that are inadequate. Stores raw food and food supplies utilizing aFIFO inventory method. Dates all food products upon arrival. Signsrequisitions and submits to the facility food managerial or supervisory staff. Assists in taking a physical count of the inventory at least once a month.In the absence of the facility food manager or supervisory staff requisitionsfood and food service supplies.Training and Meetings: Attends DYS and facility meetings to maintain andincrease knowledge regarding procedural changes. Attends training to increasejob knowledge and comply with DYS policies and procedures.Other Duties as Assigned: Performs other duties as assigned. May berequired to work any shift, weekends, holidays, and Overtime to ensureadequate coverage to feed the clients.Minimum QualificationsEmployment history is calculated on a full-time basis (40/hrs per week).Part-time employment is calculated on a pro-rated basis to determinequalifications. Be sure your application specifically addresses yourqualifications, experience, work products, and accomplishments as theyrelate to the position and minimum requirements.The Colorado Constitution,Article XII, Section 13 requires that applicants for state classifiedgovernment jobs be residents of Colorado.Applicants must meet the minimum qualifications listed below to continue inthe selection process for this position. Work experience must be specificallydocumented on your application. Do not use "see resume" or "seeattached" statements on your application.Minimum Qualifications:Two (2) years of dining services experience in commercial,institutional, industrial or military food service operation experience infood service production/preparation. Experience should include anunderstanding of adherence to prescribed menus, and the utilization of rawmaterials and large-scale recipes to prepare and modify mea