BCFS Camp Team Member in Nathrop, Colorado

RequirementsEducation: High school or GED, preferredExperience: Six months to one year, camp related experience and ortraining preferredRequirements:* Possess basic knowledge of the material and equipment used in cooking andgrounds operations.* Have basic knowledge of food and health department requirements.* Ability to read and write simple correspondence and communicate effectively.* Ability to follow oral and written instructions; work independently and ina timely manner.* Able to perform simple arithmetic calculations; cash handling experiencepreferred.* Ability to function as a member of a team or independently.* Must regularly use hands to work with and handle food.* Must stand during most of shift with intermittent stooping and bending.* Must have visual abilities including color vision, close vision, depthperception and ability to focus.* Must be able to regularly lift up to twenty five pounds or more.* Must pass a criminal background check, if applicable.Preferred QualificationsNAExternal DescriptionCritical Action Items:* Work is performed according to specific camp policies and procedures andwith the highest work ethic. Camp responsibilities may include assisting withprojects on camp grounds, leading team games and performing clerical support.* Kitchen responsibilities may include food prep, preparing ingredients,serving food, cleaning the cooking and serving area,stocking/inventory, being a dining host/hostess in order to maintainorder and flow of residents and staff in the kitchen and dining areas.* Gift shop responsibilities may include greeting customers, stocking,inventorying, cleaning, organizing and taking phone orders.* Maintenance/Housekeeping responsibilities may include planting,shoveling snow, minor repairs to facility, loading/unloadingmaterials, cleaning cabins, changing and washing linen.* EMT will provide and maintain medical care to guests and staff utilizing asufficiency of care model.Measurable Deliverables:* Prep appropriate foods, hot or cold, in a timely fashion for meal service.* Assist with supply/equipment inventory.* Adheres to all health, safety, rule and regulations.* Assists in kitchen sanitation program; maintains cleanliness of facilities.* Operates various kitchen, gift shop and maintenance equipment asassigned, reports malfunctioning equipment.* Reports unsafe conditions in or around the facilities and living quartersand suggest possible solutions to hazards.* Attends and participates in all meetings, as required.* Provide exceptional customer service to staff, guests and campers.* Reports to assigned work area/station, ready to work at the time workassignment is scheduled to begin.Other Responsibilities:* Must maintain high standard of personal hygiene.* Other job duties as assigned.