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Holiday Inn Express .and. Suites Front Desk Receptionist in Pueblo, Colorado

1. Has the ability to report to work on time.2. Has the ability to follow instructions from supervisors.3. Has the ability to interact with co-workers in a civil and businesslikemanner.4. Has the ability to understand and follow work guidelines and procedures.5. Has the ability to accept constructive criticism without becomingdefensive.6. Has the ability to walk, stand, remain stationary for long periods oftime; ability to walk up and down stairs, reach to heights of up to 72inches, bend to the floor, lift, push, pull when specific job duties require.7. Answers any questions about the hotel and community, is knowledgeableabout the location of attractions, restaurants, shopping, churches,and answers complaints or concerns by the guests.8. Is part of the hotel's security team and is responsible for immediatelyreporting, orally or in writing, any potential safety or security hazardsto immediate supervisor.9. Promotes all Company/Brand loyalty programs.10. Greets guests and checks them in and out using the computerized propertymanagement system. Completes all necessary paperwork for checking guests inand out, including guest registration and all appropriate room charges andany other necessary paperwork. Requires standing 100% of the time. Must beable to reach to an approximate height of 48 inches.11. Operates the switchboard using proper telephone etiquette, taking andtransferring calls as required, taking messages accurately, always notingtime and date, recording and making guest wake-up calls. Must be able toreach to an approximate height of 36 to 42 inches. Able to operate a TDD(Telecommunications Device for the Deaf).12. Handles cash and is able to accurately count cash and make accurate changefor guests. Responsible for cash transactions on shift. Knows proper procedurefor credit card authorizations and for obtaining proper approval.13. Follows all emergency procedures and knows how to respond in the event ofdifferent types of emergencies. This requires mobility to travel from room toroom and up and down stairs to notify guests and also assist guests inevacuating the hotel.14. Knows room rates, locations, and furnishings of all rooms.15. Knows physical make-up and layout of the building, both interior andexterior.16. At the beginning of a shift, reviews front desk log and recordsactivities of your shift in the log (no gossip, doodling or non-businessinformation).17. Responsible for balancing cash drawer and shift deposit. Completes allnecessary paperwork, etc.18. Reports any problems, orally or in writing, concerning front desk,guest relations, or maintenance to immediate supervisor on a daily basis.19. Takes reservations and cancellations received over the telephone,through the front desk computer, through the mail, over the fax and inperson and accurately inputs data in the property management system. Must beable to reach to an approximate height of 36 to 42 inches.20. Is responsible for being aware of any changes in hotel operations orpolicies.21. Locks and secures the front desk area at any time when required to leavethe area (take portable telephone for emergencies). Must be able to reachto an approximate height of 42 to 48 inches.22. Keeps all entrances and sidewalk areas free of snow and ice at all times.Able to lift shovel and snow, weighing approximately 20 lbs. Also,requires pushing snow and chopping ice accumulations.23. Checks outside lighting each night and reports any problems (bulbsout, etc.) on a maintenance request form.24. Delivers rollaways, cribs, and additional guest supplies (towels,soap, glasses, etc.) to guest rooms when requested. Able to maneuverrollaways and/or crib, weighing approximately 50 lbs., approximately 200 feet.25. Follows procedures for handling disorderly conduct in guest rooms andpublic area of the hotel.26. Keeps front desk area and lobby clean and orderly at all times (dust,vacuum, clean windows and doors, empty trash and ashtrays, etc.). Mustoperate (push and pull) a vacuum cleaner,